Haven’t we all wished at some point of time that we had superpowers? That we could fly, or go invisible?
But in all those wishes we always forgot one thing. That, with great power, comes great responsibility. If we got gifted with superpowers, it’d be our responsibility to help people and save them from dangers.

But the scenario in the real world is a lot different. Rather than having people with superpowers, we have people without them, and they’re still being responsible and are saving people.

They aren’t born with superpowers. They don’t fight monsters, but simply help you and give you the power to defeat the monsters inside you. They can’t go invisible, but they touch you and help you in ways you can’t see. Sometimes they are too distant… You haven’t even met them physically, but you know they’re there. They come for you at lightning speeds when you call them for help, when you tell them you need them. They can’t fly, but can give wings and flight to your dreams and hopes, that were once shot down heartlessly from the sky. This blog is to thank those people… The people, who are no less than superheroes to us.

For some, their parent/s; for some, their lover; for some, their friend/s, teacher/s… It goes on. And they’re the ones who make us believe and don’t let us lose hopes when we’re on the brink of it.

Be a hero to someone. Inspire people, help them grow, help them out of their anxiety and depression. This world is consumed in darkness a lot more than we know. It needs light, so be the source of that light.

Being a helping hand is the best power you can possess, and this world needs it.

Peace. ✌

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